Gumtree Commercial Products

Gumtree's Commercial Product portfolio offers a variety of products.

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Special Events

In many cases, Special Events Coverage is required at certain venues in order to hold events on the premises.  Gumtree's portfolio of products can be customized to provide coverage specific to each event.  A few of the available options are Event Cancellation, Prize Indemnity, Weather Insurance, and Special Event Liability.

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If you are looking for Excess/Umbrella coverage, Gumtree can help.  Examples of available options include Excess/Umbrella Liability and Excess Liability for Transportation Program.

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Professional Liability

General liability insurance may not provide adequate coverage necessary to protect employees and executives in certain fields.  Professional liability insurance provides the additional coverage needed by these professionals.

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Homeowner Program

Our Homeowner Program is available for high value homes and condos in: 

Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Tennessee, Texas

Homeowner Application  CLICK HERE.


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Workers Compensation

Our Workers' Compensation Insurance is available for a variety of industries in many states.

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Trucking Industry

Gumtree offers insurance solutions for the Trucking Industry .

Gumtree Trucking Submissions Checklist  CLICK HERE.

Northland Non-Fleet (1 to 10) Trucking Application  CLICK HERE.

Northland Fleet (10+) Trucking Application  CLICK HERE.

Northland GL Supplement Application  CLICK HERE.

Northland UM Form  CLICK HERE.

Driver Schedule For Submissions  CLICK HERE.

Equipment Schedule For Submissions  CLICK HERE.


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Misssissippi Hospitality And Restaurant Association

Gumtree is exclusively endorsed by the MHRA and products are available to all agents.

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